Tweet review #1

Time was when you would have to attend a five day training course, or buy a series of books 12 inches thick, to learn the latest technologies. These days we gather just as much (if not more) from technical articles, blogs, and docs with Twitter becoming one of the top ways to discover new content. You can follow the guys who build this stuff and get the news from the source. It’s an awesome age to be working in!

Every week I try and make sure to trawl through as much as I can, and favourite any tweets which hold any special interest or relevance. What I’ve found is it’s easy to lose track of these, so what I’m setting myself as a goal to complete a weekly tweet review – go back through my favourite tweets each week and complete a summary which I can then share out to folks and peruse at my leisure or refer back to.

So without further ado, on with Tweet review #1 – this one might be on the large side…

Tweets up to 17 November 2016

Get SharePoint out to Office 365

I’m no SharePoint guy, but I do know it’s a beast. And I know that cloud services generally tend to blow their on-prem cousins out of the water (or if they don’t today, then they probably will tomorrow). I imagine that most SharePoint folks are at least keeping a watchful eye on Office 365 SharePoint solutions with a view to migrating some day if not doing so already in big numbers.

I also had a the pleasure of seeing the talented Mr Khipple talk about O365 adoption at Ignite and can imagine he’d have plenty of good down to Earth advice on the subject of these migrations. I’d not heard of KM World before but a quick look up of the KMWorld and the main KMWorld account opens an intriguing window in the world of SharePoint.

State of Internet Identity by Kim Cameron (via Steve Dispensa)

It seems I was close to first hearing the name Steve Dispensa a few years ago when I was with OCG being introduced to the (at the time) PhoneFactor solution (now Azure MFA) by one of the PhoneFactor developers. At the time it seems Steve was founder and CTO of PhoneFactor, roll forward a couple of years and he’s now Director of Engineering in the Identity Division. Cool!

Steve posted a link to a talk by Identity Architect Kim Cameron who makes excellent observations about how the shift to cloud is impacting identity, apps, boundaries and the approach taken to the relationships involved.

His description of todays “ad-hoc” “hodge-podge” range of tactical solutions rings true, and it’s very interesting to be around at a time when Azure AD is really helping organisations to ‘up their game’, and also how rapidly this picture is changing.

Certainly the massive uptake in SaaS means that we’re quickly developing our standards and the need for solid data governance is more true now than ever.

Teams & Planner… & Office 365 Groups

This post is talking mostly about Teams and Planner (duh), but really it’s covering something I’ve seen elsewhere, and which I’m wondering if it’s something which people struggle with hence the repetition seen emphasising this point;

An Office 365 Group is a parent object, with all the collaborative tools a group might need collected underneath it. You want Teams? It’s there. You want Planner? It’s there. And so on. You’re never really just creating one thing in isolation any more. Everything hinges on the Group (from a collaboration perspective at least). And that’s awesome.

PowerBI DataViz

This post is really just a link to the Visualizations section of the Power BI Guided Learning. But as I’m still fresh to Power BI it’s good be directed to these resources. I’ve also found the Community to be massively helpful.

I’ve got a lot more to say on data and data viz so perhaps I’ll save that for another post some day 🙂

Oh & even if you don’t use Power BI, please add votes to this idea. You’ll appreciate it when you do use it later (via Kirk Munro)

MVA for IAM in the cloud

I’ve never really dug into the MVA courses. Maybe it’s not blocking time for them, maybe it’s something else. But whenever I check them out I’m always impressed at their availability and comparative brevity. This is a really great way to learn and consume information.

Of course not every single little detail is covered, but this is an excellent place to come for a run through the essentials.

The Amazing Vittorio!

No explanation required 🙂

Self-service has to be easy

This post reminds me very much of the old UX line:

A user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it can’t be very good.

I’m a firm proponent of usability. There’s a bunch of meme-type images that demonstrate how people are extremely good at finding shortcuts. No matter what you think might be the best process, or a secure process, if it introduces unnecessary delay, people will do their utmost to find another way, or worse – a back door. I love making things super convenient for people – that’s part of the fun of automation and the work we do. But also doing all that securely, and invisibly – is where the magic is.

Dev Ops (improving speed in more ways than one)

There’s a lot of code wrapped up in IAM solutions, and I’m really looking forward to employing a DevOps workflow some time soon, and it’s looking like with the addition of performance that process adds even more value – WIN!

Azure Functions integrated into Visual Studio

I think Functions have massive potential particularly when IAM workloads are placed in the cloud as well. To be able to expose data to other services is going to open up all kinds of interesting capabilities. This is a nice add which brings Azure Functions ‘closer’.







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